Engineering Services

''Science is about knowing; engineering is about doing''

      Our engineering services include all activities that support the design, development, analysis, and management of products. Many individuals and firms invest (in terms of money and time) a lot on Design Software training to ensure that their engineers deliver accurate and quality designs within a specified time frame. When you don’t have the internal expertise, time, manpower or technology required to complete a project, it’s time to consider our engineering and design services.

Our services include CAD drawing, engineering design and analysis, product design, project assistance, and training on professional design and analysis software.

Henry Petroski


Training Services

''An investment in knowledge pays the best interest''

Education is the most empowering force in the world. It creates knowledge, builds confidence, and breaks down barriers for numerous opportunities. Education is a process of continuous learning which can be acquired anywhere at any time and age. In this century the people's viewpoint towards education has changed. The rising number of online education providers is a true sign of this. Nowadays there are lots of online education providers are emerging, but most of them follow a only curriculum-based syllabus. Skill Development activities are also important for the overall development of students.

Our team helps to develop student skills. We aim to provide online assistance in skill development activities. We will also provide online assistance in job-oriented courses.

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